Art by Mitchell Pluto  

Improvisation, Image Streaming and Artistic States of Pareidolia.

Primitive Surrealism inquires into pareidolia, active temporal lobes and the creative hemisphere of the brain. The hallucinations of animism/dreamtime has been redefined by modern surrealist's as a way of exploring the mind.

The Big Matryoshka 2012 Acrylic
Donation to Girls Way of Missoula

Norval Morrisseau's Brain 2009 Oil
Ugo Matulić Collection

Tanuki: An Experience in String Theory and Phantom Belief 2010 Acrylic

Data Mining 2010 Oil
Ugo Matulić Collection

Magic Adobe
Music by Moontree

Anxiety in the Park: The Decline of Fiat Culture

Bears and the Camp Robbers 2011 Acrylic
Donation to WORD 2012 

Temporal Lobe Quake 2010 Acrylic.

Bears Dream of Fish 2010 Oil

Test of Time 2009 Oil 
Felicia Perez Collection 

Feathered Serpent  2008 Collage
Angie Romero Collection

Luna the Cat vs the Magpie 2011 Acrylic
Donation to AniMeals, Missoula MT

The Mold vs Arno BrekerThe End of Eugenics in Art Oil 2009
Ugo Matulić Collection

Visions in the Cave 2009 Oil 
Donation to Battered Women's Support Services, Vancouver BC

HOUDINI ESCAPES!: Once again Harry Houdini escapes the magnetic field and picks on a GPS Satellite Oil 2011 
Donation to Hospice Care Foundation 2012 

2009 Collage 
Donation to WORD 2012 

Rattle snake lodge and the kundalini
Oil 2007
Bill Orhmann Collection

Mask 2008 Collage
Steve Donnelly Collection 

Junk Planet
Collage 2007
Larry Selle Collection 

The Beef Plays The Teeth Band 
Oil 2012
Donation to Hospice Care Foundation 2012

Evicted Citizen 
Collage 2012